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Financial & Insurance Information

Our philosophy is to make fertility treatment as efficient as possible and to give our patients the absolute highest value for their efforts and dollars. Because our success rates are constantly at the top AND because our costs are lower, the amount it will cost to start your family should be the lowest anywhere.

As I review records from so many patients who have shifted their care to us, it is sad to see how much money and how many trips they have spent already. Often the care is part of routines, but not well directed for their specific problem . Some have been “pushed” into IVF when other treatments are just as good. We want to partner with you, but with your interests and pocketbook in mind.

Cash Discounts

We offer a significant cash discount (approximately 15-20%) for all services provided that are not covered by insurance. We accept cash, check, or credit card.

Medical Loans

We currently recommend Prosper Healthcare Lending and Lending Club Patient Solutions.